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Michigan iLottery

Michigan Internet Lottery

Lottery fans in Michigan are getting access to a new and convenient venue for purchasing lottery tickets.  The state of Michigan, in partnership with NeoGames and Pollard Banknote Limited, will be offering online lottery tickets for most of the current Michigan Lottery games.  Both Pollard Banknote and NeoGames have a long history of providing Internet games and soft-gaming opportunities, giving Internet users access to a unique form of entertainment and fun.

Traditionally Michigan Lottery games were available only in licensed retail outlets. Customers interested in playing had to purchase tickets in person. With the addition of an online presence, the Michigan Lottery is making their games more accessible to Michigan residents.

The convenience of the Michigan iLottery is appealing to an active and busy population of lottery participants who frequently shop through the Internet. The new Michigan iLottery places the ability to play literally at your fingertips. Instead of waiting in long lines at a retail store, players can download the app for the iLottery and participate at their leisure. Computer and smart phone access to the lottery makes participation convenient and secure. It is expected that the online presence will increase lottery sales significantly, as it will appeal to a subset of the population that will take advantage of its ease of use.

The Daily 3 and Daily 4 games will not be available in the online games. Currently, these are the most frequently purchased tickets in the Michigan Lottery. By reserving these two popular games for in-person sales only, the Michigan Lottery maintains the financial significance of the in-store purchases for local business owners.  At the same time, creating Internet access to most Michigan Lottery games broadens consumer access and increases the financial impact of the Michigan Lottery. The Michigan Lottery benefits the State School Aid Fund, a source of revenue supporting Michigan public schools.  The Michigan iLottery is expected to increase revenue for the School Aid Fund by $480 million dollars between 2014 and 2022.

In order to play the lottery online, players will be asked to verify their age and Michigan residency.  Additionally, lottery ticket purchases must happen within state boundaries.  As a safeguard against abuse of the iLottery system, The Michigan Lottery is setting spending limits for customers.  The iLottery players will also have the ability to lower their own spending limits, a strategy that allows people to participate in the fun of the Michigan iLottery without taxing their personal resources.

Michigan is on the cutting edge of state lottery games, as they are one of only three states currently making online lottery systems available to their residents. With the addition of Michigan iLottery, consumer access to soft-gaming increases and revenues benefiting public education grow.